EBEC – European BEST Engineering Competition – is an engineering competition organized by BEST open to all students and structured on three levels: the local round, the national round and the international round.
Students, in teams of three or four people, start by participating in a local round at one of the 83 universities involved and the winners take part in one of the 15 national or regional rounds to which they belong. Those who succeed in overcoming the first two rounds will participate in EBEC FINAL, where the team that has proved to be the most efficient, creative and successful will be crowned with the title of “BEST ENGINEERS OF EUROPE”.


More than 6000 participants from 83 universities in 32 countries compete in two types of tests, with the advancement of the winners through 3 different levels: local round, national round and international round. EBEC is the opportunity for those students who are able to take on a challenge and work on their limits by testing their skills outside the normal academic environment, it is the right occasion to get in touch with a work and business context and apply their skills in situations of real life. During the competition, the participant will have to perform two tests: the Case Study and the Design Team.


The teams, made up of four people each, will have to try their hand at Case Study and Team Design trials, trying to work in an aligned way to carry out a European topic independently. In the first the students will have to solve a real business problem that will reward the most original and innovative idea. In the second test, the participants will have to make a working prototype that will have to fulfill a certain task. The competition is completely free and besides being an opportunity for students to meet working realities, it is also an opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.