The sweetness of the climate, the beauty of the coasts, the richness of art and history, the love for cooking is Campania a land to be experienced.
Campania, located in southern Italy, extends along the Tyrrhenian sea side, from the mouth of the Garigliano to the Gulf of Policastro. A journey that starts from the sea, uncontested, with its intense colors, the coasts full of bays, inlets and rocky walls, the islands of the Gulf of Naples, Ischia and Procida, true masterpieces of nature. This region is characterized by a Mediterranean richness in which the countries rich in history, art and traditions are set, where to spend an unforgettable stay.

Danieli & C.Officine Meccaniche SpA is an Italian multinational based in Buttrio (Udine) and is one of the world leaders in the production of steel plants, with particular detachment in the field of long products, in which the world market holds over 90% of quota.
Danieli: a team always moving forward. We launched a program called “Metamorphosis 2”: innovation of our operating methods/patterns and consequently to our organization in order to enhance the technical and economic competitiveness, speed, quality and customer service. Furthermore expand our commitment to be “A step ahead in Capex and Opex”, transfering those same concepts to our partner customers.

Sintesi Sud is specialized in the supply of equipment for the dental sector (dentist machines, 3D milling, CNC milling, 5 axis milling, 3D printers, CAD / CAM solutions, 3D modeling, zirconia or prettau coloring, guided surgery), for the sector building (photovoltaic monitoring, photogrammetry, APR, CAD software, road planning) and for the industrial sector (automotive, industrial milling, goldsmith casting and DWS printers).

Officina studenti is a digital printing and printing laboratory where everything that is creative idea in the field of visual communication and not only finds complete realization. Students’ workshop is addressed with the same care and attention both to professionals in the sector (graphic designers, architects, designers) and to companies (small, medium or large), both to students and individuals as a professional printing service with low costs.

The IPE – Istituto per ricerche ed attività educative – “We propose to undertake young people for education, culture and work” (article 1 of the Statute). The Institute, with registered office in Naples, is one of the university colleges legally recognized and operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The institute promotes and manages universities and cultural centers: in addition to hosting accommodation for university students outside the city, they organize cultural activities, courses and conferences for all university students in the city.
It promotes Masters and advanced training courses aimed at university students or recent graduates, also through the awarding of scholarships

Since its foundation Pentel’s mission has been to design and produce innovative and quality products for writing and drawing for everyday life. The current name Pentel was born in 1951 and derives from the contraction of the words Pen Pastel, referring to to a pastel with exceptional qualities of resistance to temperature variations that allowed to color with bright colors with the same ease of use of a pen.

Over the decades, the company has developed and new manufacturing facilities have been created first in Japan and later in America, Europe and Asia; plants at the cutting edge not only in production processes and quality systems, but also ahead of time with regard to the well-known anti-pollution issues.

NAPLES PIZZA HOSTEL. This is not somewhere you just pass while visiting the city: this is an integral part of your experience in Naples: whether you are a family or a lone traveller, Pizza Hostel is the right place to start your adventure.
Friendliness, kindness and useful tips are just a few of the things you’re going to find in here. Let the wonders that can be found all around this area amaze you: Napoli Sotterranea, Cappella Sansevero, the Duomo, the famous street of the Neapolitan “presepio”.

Doemi are classic grandmother’s cookies,those with an unmistakable taste of home.
Prepare with the same ingredients as before and with the typical recipe that made them famous. A unique and unmistakable taste, that remains imprinted in the memory like the simple taste of our home. The Doemi today are produced in many different types, all attentive to the tastes and needs of those he has always loved them and those who are still discovering them. Not just cookies but also cupcakes and one small range of savory snacks, to always accompany you in a break with an authentic taste of home.

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