9 Maggio 2019

#RoadToEBECItaly: EBEC Naples

We reached the last stop of our journey around Italy to discover participants of EBEC Italy! From Naples E-Turk will join Case Study, while Toshimmia is going to take the challenge of Team Design.


Which was the topic of the competition?

E-Turk: The problem we needed to solve during the local case study challenge round was the one of the ticket evasion for the EAV public transport system.

Toshimmia: The topic was on a design problem where me and my team have to create a some kind of centrifugal pumping system that take water from a tank A to a tank B

Which were the solutions you came up with?

E-Turk: My team and I proposed to adopt the EAVpass device as a solution for the problem of the ticket evasion. EAVpass, smartly working as the well-known Telepass device, allowed costumers to avoid all the inconveniences connected with the purchase of tickets (slow queues, out of order ticket-selling machines) and eased the tickets checking practice on board of trains.

Toshimmia: Our solution was to build a small axial pump with 3 rotors. Our strength was the precision in matching everything millimetrically and an accurate construction of the propellers taking into account all the bending angles.


Which was the idea that distinguished your team from the others in the competition?

E-Turk: Originality, effectiveness, possibility to extend EAVpass use on large scale (bus stations, train stations, etc).

Toshimmia: The main differences compared to the other teams were the consideration of the blading angles and the precision so as not to leave any game and leave nothing to chance


Instead, which was the thing that all the teams had in common in their solutions?

E-Turk: The thing that all the teams had in common was the idea of replacing the old image of cards and tickets with something new and user friendly.

Toshimmia: Every solution was particular and creative, but all teams choose water pumps


Which are your expectation about the next round of EBEC?

E-Turk: For the next round of EBEC I would love to face other challenging questions, teaming up with my friends to solve them! Also, I can’t wait to hear what the others have to show to all of us, in order to learn from them (especially as a person).

Toshimmia: My expectation of course are to try to win with my team this round for access the final round


Tell us the funniest moment of your experience in EBEC!

E-Turk: The funnies moments of my experience in EBEC are all about the day of the competition: with my team I had the best time trying to solve the problem they gave us, using the time we had, and of course having fun all together with the other guys!

Toshimmia: I think is impossible choose a single moment, cause the whole experience was amazing. But i can say that the best moment for me and my team (not funny) was when our pumping system worked well