7 Maggio 2019

#RoadToEBECItaly: EBEC Rome Tor Vergata

There is no just Sapienza University in Rome! From Tor Vergata University “Mai architetti” will join Case Study, Team O’Shenko Team Design.


Which was the topic of the competition?

Mai architetti: “Sblocchiamoci” on alternative solutions to the roadblock of cars

Team O’Shenko: it was a vehicle driven by compressed CO2 and trigger mechanism


Which were the solutions you came up with?

Mai architetti: We designed an app able to allow the driver to know his own pollution status of the vehicle and that communicates through a telematic odometer the maximum number of kilometers that can be traveled.

Team O’Shenko: The impact of a wooden weight on an appropriately positioned nail made it possible to pierce the film of the CO2 canister and, therefore, to trigger the propulsion of the model


Which was the idea that distinguished your team from the others in the competition?

Mai architetti: The presence, in the project, of stations scattered throughout the city of Rome that are able to take the healthy air conditions from the environment and bring them back to a common database

Team O’Shenko: the gravity trigger mechanism, the speed, stability and strength of the vehicle

Instead, which was the thing that all the teams had in common in their solutions?

Mai architetti: Creating an app, a maximum of kms available

Team O’Shenko: Use of the nail to puncture the canister film


Which are your expectation about the next round of EBEC?

Mai architetti: We hope to have fun and of course to win!

Team O’Shenko: With commitment and collaboration we will try to win the next competition


Tell us the funniest moment of your experience in EBEC!

Mai architetti: Coffee breaks, closing and premiation!

Team O’Shenko:  the funniest moment was that of the final race, with prototypes of all kinds speeding through the corridors of the engineering faculty. Fun fact, when they were calling us for the challenge but we didn’t ear them because we were eating (it was 5:00 pm and we still didn’t have lunch!)