3 Maggio 2019

#RoadtoEBECItaly: EBEC Rome

So, let’s start to discover the participants of EBEC Italy! The first round we’ll talk about  is EBEC Rome, which was held in Sapienza University of Rome last 12 and 15 december.The Case Study, won by “AGTB” team, was about recycling; Team Design’s finalists from Rome are the “Barbabietole da Zucchero team”, which had to build a bridge with glue and pasta. Here’s the interview with them!

Which was the topic of the competition?

AGTB: The topic was about the exhausted cloned toners problem

Barbabietole da zucchero: we had to build a bridge with spaghetti and glue.


Which were the solutions you came up with?

AGTB: production of recycled compost structures through an innovative machine able to deconstruct cloned cartridges. This recycling machine so provides to sorting out the different parts that composes the cartridges, cleaning and processing them through the machinery and then crafting durable object.

Barbabietole da zucchero: We built a bridge that was able to sustain over 20 kg, the street for the car was made larger and we strenght the points with more pasta in which we found were the most critical sections

Which was the idea that distinguished your team from the others in the competition?

AGTB: our idea was revolutionary and we presented a variety of usage for the material we obtained from the machine It was simply and viable, efficient and innovative.

Barbabietole da zucchero: We created a sustaining system that was suitable for the bridge taking inspiration from bridges that really exists in similar conditions, in order to have a strong basis.


Instead, which was the thing that all the teams had in common in their solutions?

AGTB: Cleaning the cartridges from the toner powder was something everyone had to think about. Also, everyone had fun in doing the competition!

Barbabietole da zucchero: everyone had to think how to maximize the ration weight sustained/bridge weight.

Which are your expectation about the next round of EBEC?

AGTB: I hope this to be interesting as the previous one, also Good competition and great sponsors. Also we feel positive, our team can win!

Barbabietole da zucchero: I’m expecting something really cool to do, with higher difficulty and other people with bigger theoretical knowledge. I think it will be very interesting to find a new solution for a completely new problem, I’m expecting something really cool to do


Tell us the funniest moment of your experience in EBEC!

AGTB: I don’t know exactly, almost every moment, especially the night after!

Barbabietole da zucchero: during the competition I broke my sweatshirt and a bird came in our room! But also bringing or project at home was very funny!