8 Maggio 2019

#RoadToEBECItaly: EBEC Turin

Another day, another team to meet on the road for EBEC Italy 2019! After Milan we stay in the north, for EBEC Turin. Turin, which will also host the final european round of EBEC on August, is gonna be represented by Trains (Case Study) and Team 9 (Team Design).


Which was the topic of the competition?

Trains: The topics that were proposed to us during the two days were the following:

– First day: think of a new online banking method

– Second day: making forecasts, analyzing data from two start-ups, “Revotree” and “3BEE”

Team 9: in the first phase of the local competitions we created a vehicle whit three wheels set in motion by the wind. in the second phase we created a mechanical arm that is able to move a small cube.


Which were the solutions you came up with?

Trains:  “For the first day we thought of an application that made payments easy, with any store and between people,entering some useful features to keep your savings under control. On the second day we did some data analysis,based on research from different organizations, coming to foresee the development on the market of the two start-ups and their impact in the sector in which they operated.

Team 9: For the first project we based ourselves on a three-wheel structure of which only one steering wheel, somehow taking up the structure of the forklifts, with regard to the propulsion we created a sail capable of guaranteeing the right compensation in terms of thrust and of aerodynamic resistance. For the second event we focused on the creation of a model as simple as possible characterized by low structural weight that allowed us to maneuver it with reduced times during the test.


Which was the idea that distinguished your team from the others in the competition?

Trains: The idea that most allowed us to distinguish ourselves was to have simple ideas, but at the same time they solved the problem as effectively as possible.

Team 9:  As for the mechanical arm, the differences from the other teams were probably technical in my opinion. For the hydraulic system we inserted water inside the syringes that served as actuators, so as to eliminate the effect of compressing the fluid that would have made the arm controls less reactive and not very sensitive. Also for the rotation of the whole arm I think it was the use of the belt-pulley system made by the belt made of a stationary elastic band that guaranteed a greater friction on the pulleys in turn covered by other elastic bands.


Instead, which was the thing that all the teams had in common in their solutions?

Trains: We all tried to add fancy elements to ours presentation to cover errors and lacks.

Team 9: Each team tried to find the best solution by creating prototypes that were capable of passing the test. Probably everyone has focused on the assembly of syringes and therefore of a hydraulic system in the construction of the clamp instead of a mechanical system.

Which are your expectation about the next round of EBEC?

Trains: I think that we’ll be asked to sort out some problems about the envinronment or about green transports, because are very hot topics at moment.

However i’m sure it will be a fantastic opportunity to learn many new things, travel and have a lot of fun!

Team 9: I expect a lot of competitiveness but at the same time lots of fun and joy in the coming days of this event.


Tell us the funniest moment of your experience in EBEC!

Trains: all the competition, but mostly the brainstorming within the group during the early stages of the competition. Team 9: The funniest moments occur when everybody has a different idea and tries to make his project better than others so that we cannot achieve a single purpose. Also Also the moments between the end of the realization of the projects and the compulsory tests during which we confronted each other, our friends and those we met in those moments, sharing the moments spent during the day.