4 Maggio 2019

#RoadToEBECItaly: EBEC Milan

Welcome back to the Get to Know with EBEC Italy teams! This time we cover EBEC Milan, which was held between October and November in Politecnico di Milano. Team Design winners are fromt the team “IOwnTech”, while Case Study has been won by Team Universal

Which was the topic of the competition?

IOwnTech: We had to build a moving bridge that has to satisfy a set of constraint, like substaining a weight and passing of a boat under it

Team Universal: topic was about BioTech & Advanced Traceability, Artificial DNA applications


Which were the solutions you came up with?

IOwnTech: We have created a rotating mobile bridge on one of the two pylons

Team Universal: Our solution aimed to ensure traceability inside the recycling chain of low cost clothes through a biological DNA based tag, promoting a circular economy virtuous mechanism which could benefit both consumers and suppliers in a heavily environmentally impactful sector such as the fast fashion one.


Which was the idea that distinguished your team from the others in the competition?

IOwnTech: probably the feasibility of the idea and the stability of the implementation. Ours was the only bridge that rotated in this way. One of the aspects that helped us most to win was the special attention paid to the forces exerted on the product, by inserting reinforcements and tie-rods, even with only an aesthetic function. Furthermore, thanks to a system of elastic bands, the bridge could close independently.

Team Universal: We’ve applied advanced traceability methods to an interesting field, innovating in track recycling


Instead, which was the thing that all the teams had in common in their solutions?

IOwnTech: Many of the participating groups have decided to build a bridge hinged on one side, even if it is a drawbridge.

Team Universal: maybe most of us have not provided a useful application field for traceability

Which are your expectation about the next round of EBEC?

IOwnTech: Honestly, no great ideas about what to expect, but there’s curiousness. I think it will certainly be more complicated than the previous round.

Team Universal: I’m very excited to take part to such an important event. I really hope to meet other people that think different like me. I hope forInteresting case study, competitive environment and to get to know interesting people and to compete with them, have fun and maybe win the challenge!


Tell us the funniest moment of your experience in EBEC!

IOwnTech: all the competition, but mostly the brainstorming within the group during the early stages of the competition.

Team Universal: from a personal point of view the moments between the end of the realization of the projects and the compulsory tests during which we confronted each other, our friends and those we met in those moments, sharing the moments spent during the day.